78 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ located above The Painted Frame


Phone: 732-291-0100 (note: phone number is shared with The Painted Frame)

Email: robert@paintedframe.com

For artists interested in showing at Second Story Art Gallery, please email us at robert@paintedframe.com

1) artist’s statement

2) 3 or 4 images with dimensions, media, date

3) website address

4) contact information (email, phone, address)

We are always looking for artists and interesting proposals.  Our focus is on local and regional art with a conceptual component.  For example, we are interested in work that takes the local landscape and/or culture into account.  We are also interested in abstract and conceptual work that has relevance to the local and regional community.  If your work does not fit within those parameters, it is unlikely we would consider your proposal.  Please do not drop in the gallery with your artwork, we just don’t have the time to review work onsite as we receive many requests.  We have a committee that reviews proposals three times a year.  We will respond to your email as soon as we possibly can.  Thanks for the interest!