78 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ located above The Painted Frame

Jeff Evans – “Living on the Edges” Dec 6, 2014 – Jan 3, 2015

Jeff Evans – “Living on the Edges” Dec 6, 2014 – Jan 3, 2015

Artist statement:

“The paintings are exploring the connections that exist between actual sight, recorded views, memory, and the work of art.  I execute the works, with a sense of those connections, allowing the surface of the paint to form the final result.  Physically, these landscapes have been created using salvaged materials consisting of leftover paint, linen, canvas and support. These works truly evolved.  They were painted, set aside, scraped off, scored, painted again, and even allowed to dry before reworking.

This layered approach created spacial relationships and visual references to distances and views.  The physicality of the paint and the tricks that it plays with light, cue visual memories for me.  Sometimes these may be very specific such as vistas from a long car trip.  While others play on the same illusions seen in nature.  I am thinking of a dark patch seen on the horizon, cloud or mountain?  Of course when I know no such mountain exists in that area, I can remember being entertained by the cloud acting as far-away ridge.

Allowing happenstance, accidents and the discarding of paint to depict weather, light, and distance brings the work to fruition.  These recycled paintings, for lack of a better term, mix both the surface and narrative resulting in the landscape becoming the subject of the works.”