78 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ located above The Painted Frame

Now showing – “Three Moves” paintings and sculpture by David French Nov 1-30

Now showing – “Three Moves” paintings and sculpture by David French Nov 1-30

Second Story Art Gallery is proud to be showing the work of David French.  The title “Three Moves” refers to French’s process of creating work based on a process or set of parameters.  Within these boundaries, French seeks to create a layered and rich space with the most efficient means.  Abstract art often involves the process of reduction and elimination – removing extraneous elements to arrive at a more distilled state.  “Three Moves” is an example of these reductive processes – created through three pieces of steel or paint colors or gestures.  French uses squeegees, brushes and tubes to apply paint and often creates his paintings using one or two strokes, pulls or gestures leaving the work in its initial or raw state without further intervention on his part.  He says this allows the materials (paint, surface, color) to have as much agency as he does – he says:

 “My painting involves capturing our physical experience of existing in the world, shared human emotions, histories and heightened moments of awareness.”

We are also excited to be able to show two of French’s sculptures in this exhibition (one of his large scale sculptures was recently acquired for the permanent outdoor Atlantic City Sculpture Walk).  Keeping with the theme of this exhibition, the two works on view here involve three elements and act in a similar fashion to his two dimensional works by creating space within a prescribed set of parameters.  They are examples of just how powerful an image can become when an artist strips away the unnecessary.

“Untitled” 2008,  46x48,  oil and aluminum on panel

“Untitled” 2008, 46×48, oil and aluminum on panel