78 First Avenue, Atlantic Highlands, NJ located above The Painted Frame

Rocco Scary – “People, Places, and….”  Jul 12 – Aug 15

Rocco Scary – “People, Places, and….” Jul 12 – Aug 15

The memory of  where we have been, whom we have met, of what we have discovered and that connection which seems to never falter, is what I am interested in within the context of this exhibition.

Together with the tangible and concrete of a familiar and defined place, I am intrigued by the essence of that ‘thing’ which runs deep within each generation and continually searches for the essence which allows such to gain a sense of familiarity and at the same time, a sense of the unforgettable.

In People, Places, and….., I am not only presenting sculptural works conceptually depicting such places, but also a series of drawings on hand made paper portraying individuals who have staked their claim to their surroundings and now seem to be embedded within the environment itself.


Once Westinghouse